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APU Marketing & Design, Inc. is a fully marketing, promotions, website design, and consultant company that strives for the best solutions for b2b / b2c companies interests. Our services provide help and management in company sales and advertisements. We specialize in digital marketing for online businesses/individuals that need an effective online presence. Our office is located at 2800 Post Oak Blvd STE 4100, Houston, TX, 77056. We were created in January of 2017 by the Founder/CEO of APU Investments, LLC Johnnie B. Davis; that seen the demand in the market to help small businesses world wide grow online by the use of new digital technologies with strategy. If you want to increase sales, get your brand/company out, or just need help with an idea we are here for you. We focus on a divest strategy in the markets like no other company!  We provide digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more... Trying to create growth; than this is THE company to choose!!

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" I created & designed this company to help ensure that all small businesses throughout the world as well as individuals have an equal opportunity in the future of an "effective" online business presence . As Internet + Digital Marketing technologies advance our company will keep our clients ahead of the game. Meanwhile, our experts are manipulating the markets with their education and experience to help keep our clients on the right platforms."   Johnnie B. Davis

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Meet The Team

Antynesha Minor

Antynesha Minor

Marketing Manager

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

Sales Manager

Khadijha Mcguire

Khadijah Mcguire

Account Manager

Yasmine Jordan

Promotions Manager

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