Advance Digital Package

For businesses that want to cover a large area and/ or do high in average sales in a competitive market. This plan gives you the powered resources to campaign and respond quickly in markets. Occasionally,  companies of this size will need to use the optional services that come with this package such as premium video production, consulting, and/or diverse ad marketing and management. Businesses that can benefit from this package are the following such for example:

  • Establish branded companies with a high sale volume


  • E-commerce companies

  • Software products as a service


  • Companies that operate in more than one area or region.

  • Business to Business on a national level

 Included in the Package

Our Advance Package includes Website Updates, Security, Maintenance, Social Media Posting, New Content, Local SEO, Reports, and Consulting.


This is a high-level digital marketing package that includes a strategically guided campaign with consulting, SEO, social media, content, and incidental coverage. It’s ideal for businesses with $600k - $1+ million in annual revenue.

This package was designed for owners of small but growing businesses who are getting too busy to manage their marketing by themselves day-to-day.

In this package level, we dedicate (2) two account managers who is responsible for driving goals forward and managing communication and work-flow to stream on a consistent basics. Your account managers will always be on the watch for opportunities for improvement and check and balance each other for a more accurate report(s).

In addition to the regular services in this package, we include retainers to cover incidental website updates, graphic design, and consulting needs so that there are no additional charges.

We have add-ons available for Ad Management, Photography, and Videography...

Advance Package Price Details

Account Management

  • Campaign less than $2k - 5k a month

  • Consulting once a month

  • Maintenance, Security, & Analytics set-up

Cost = $2,800/mo + $2,800 Set-up Fee

Off-site SEO

  • manage directories 

Cost = $250/month 

Social Media Posting

  • Your business type: B2C - Arts & Lifestyle posting 

  • Network : Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter

Cost = $450/mo + $150 Set-up Fee

Recurring Blogging

  •  on-site blogging = 4/month

  • off-site blogging = 4/month

Cost = $600/month 

Social Media Management 

  •  Social Media Management Set-Up

  • Social Media Page(s) rework 

  • Social Media Page(s) updates 

  • Fresh content creation

  • Comments and feeds 

  • Custom Built Bots

Cost = 1,800/month + $500 Set-up Fee

SEO Management

  • On - Site & Off - Site 

Cost = Included + $300 Set-up Fee

On-site SEO -Tech Optimization

  •  site size = 1-25 pages

  • work speed = normal

Cost = $500/month 

Off-site SEO - Link Building

  • Business type: Physical location

  • Reach: local

  • Strength: quick ranking

Cost = $900/month

Website Update Retainer

  • 4 hrs

Cost = $200/month 

*** Not included but highly recommended for the best performance results !!! 

Advertising Campaign Budget 

  •  PPC, AdWords, Display Advertising,

  • Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing 

    Cost = Amount based on customer preference


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